Born: 20.April 2012
Breeder: Linsey & Irene Dunbar, UK (kennel Linirgor)

Big thank you to Linsey and Irene for trusting us with little Pippin!

Pippin is available at stud to approved bitches only.
Chilled semen is available for export.

Hips: BVA 4/6 (A/A)
Elbows: 1/0
Eyes: OK (Sept 13)
AHT test GR_PRA1: clear GR_PRA2: clear

Show results:
Vice-World Winner 2014
Estonian Junior Winner 2013
3xBOB, 4xBOS, Group-1, Group-2
4xBD-1, 2xBD-2, 2xBD-3
2xBOB baby, 4xBOB puppy, 5xPP
Summershow 2012 winner & BIS-1
Summershow 2013 junior winner
BOS at the EKRÜ main speciality show (Feb 2014)

In the United Kingdom (March-July 2014):
Winner of gundog group at the Border Union championship show 2014
Shortlisted in TOP 10 in gundog group at the Blackpool & District championship show 2014
3xBest of Breed
Reserve CC
Stud Book number
Qualified for Cruft's for life
Winner of Mid Limit class at the GRC championship show 2014
Championship shows: 7x1st, 2x2nd, 3rd, Res

Other results:

Correct for age, super head, elegance of neck, strong and clean, good bone and feet,
lots of promise here, lots of personality.

- Patsy Hollings, UK
13 months old, very balanced, nicely shown, excellent head and expression,
good quarter and body, lovely coat and bone, little waggy tail, moving good for his age.

- Saskia Rathenau-Beijerman, Holland
Very well bodied and proportioned for age. Pleasing head and expression. Dark eyes and pigment.
Strong bone and pasterns. Good forechest and angles. Good coat.
Free and happy mover with typical tail carriage.

- George Kostopoulos, Kreeka
Lovely dog, lovely balance, lovely angulation front and rear, lovely soft head,
dark eye, good pigment, standing very well, well muscled, moved very well.

- Carole Carter, UK (kennel Jassinger)
What a lovely young chap. Balanced, mid gold with good head, neck and shoulders.
In lovely coat. Happy showman who moved with style and drive.

- Margaret Woods, UK (kennel Amirene)
He's everything I look for in a show Golden, breed type, balance and that extra “Joie De Vivre” that
makes him a show dog! I've long admired this boy from the ringside and today he couldn't have
looked better. I strongly considered him for the ticket today but maturity and the finish of my
Open dog just pipped him. His time will come!
Such balance for a young dog in stunning coat and condition with his mid gold coat gleaming and
turned out like a new pin. Stands four square very attentive to his young handler who's handling is
an example to us all. Soft expressive masculine head showing no coarseness with dark pigmentation,
good dentition and smiling eyes. Well off for bone on straight limbs standing on neat feet
placed well under his body. Super front assembly and plenty of heart room. Nice length of neck
flowing onto a table top topline and correct tailset. Well muscled and constructed rear end
with good width to his second thigh and neat rear pasterns. He moved out with great enthusiasm
with his ever wagging tail and showing such will to please his handler. A joy to watch.
I had no hesitation in awarding him the reserve CC.

- Mary Neil, UK (kennel Moloko)
What can I say, this boy caught my eye the moment he entered the ring. A beautiful boy of good size.
Very well balanced. Super front & back angulation with good bone & lovely catlike feet. Nice straight hocks.
A lovely deep ribcage. A happy dog enjoying his day out. He presented himself effortlessly.
Strode around the ring with ease & drive. Very attentive to his owner.
Proud to award him CC & also see him go G1
- Bruno Facq, Prantsusmaa (kennel du Bois de la Rayère)
Very pleasing symmetrical & powerful dog, nicely balanced body, good deep ribs & well sprung.
Held topline at all times. Displayed good reach & drive in profile. Super tailset & carriage.
Lovely presentation & good handling. Topped this pleasing group to much applause. Well done
- Gordon R Haran, UK
So impressed with this quality boy, he presents a perfectly balanced picture & what a showman.
His handler knows just how to get the most out of him, together they really are the perfect team.
He has a balanced head, with a soft but alert expression. His construction is hard to fault,
nothing overdone or exaggerated. Well muscled which shows in his powerful driving movement.
I was delighted to award him his 3rd CC, & he was BOB on the referee’s decision.

- Julie Seamons, UK (kennel Messano)
A quality, balanced, masculine example of the breed. Shown in superb coat. Super profile &
well laid shoulders. Head well chiselled with a kindly dark eye, fixed attentively on his handler.
Deep ribcage, strong loin & deep quarters with well muscled second thigh & excellent turn of stifle.
Very sound free moving action with ground coverage. Very ‘showy’ & responsive to handler.

- Wendy Andrews, UK (kennel Catcombe)
Excellent dog with good proportion, symmetry and balance. Beautiful head, kind expression,
well set neck. Excellent front, bone & feet. Excellent topline & tailset. Deep chest.
Short couple. Excellent colour and quality of coat. Movement is powerful with drive.

- Renée Rault, Prantsusmaa (kennel de l'Orfillec)

Pippin's gallery
Video from the EKRÜ main speciality show
(Feb 2014, Pippin was BM-1)
Video from the East of England championship show
(July 2014, Pippin won his 3rd CC and the UK Sh Ch title)

Pippin's progeny



Swe Ch
Floprym Rivaldo

Nor & Swe Ch
Inassicas Snow Storm

Swe Ch
Okej's Explosive Symphony

Swe Ch, Eur W'97, KBH W'97
Inassicas Snowflake

Nor & Swe Ch
Floprym Y Hazel Nut

Nor Ch
Dainty's Hot Order

Nor Ch
Donnyrose Hunky Dory

Linirgor Braidwynn Je T'aime JW

Uk Sh Ch, Cruft's BOB 2011
Linirgor Mactavish

Willowlawn Entent Cordiale JW, 1xCC

Linirgor Luvmelots JW

Linirgor Just Dreaming of Braidwynn

Aust Ch
Giltedge Hemingway

Linirgor Dreams of Joy

Pedigree with pictures

Pippin in k9data


2 years old (photo: Lynn Kipps)

Pippin BIS-1 at the GRCE Summershow (judge Siret Lepasaar)

4 months old

Pippin winning BOB junior at the Estonian Winner 2013 show (out of 28 juniors)
(judge Saskia Rathenau-Beijerman)

Pippin BOS at the EKRÜ main speciality show 2014 (out of 98 entries)
(judge Carole Carter)

Pippin at Crufts 2014

Crufts 2014

After winning the Reserve CC at GRCN 2014 (from over 200 entries)
(judge Mary Neil)

Pippin's first CC with BOB and Gundog group 1 at the Border Union championship show
(judges Bruno Facq and Gordon R Haran)

Pippin's third CC which gave him his UK Show Champion title at the East of England show
(judge Julie Seamons)